The Cleanse: Reduce Your Digital Distractions

I’ve had the conversation time and time again.

“I feel like my life isn’t exciting. I see all my friends uploading photos to Facebook and they’re all having fun without me. Their lives are cooler, prettier, and more interesting than mine.”

Have you had this conversation? With the popularity of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and especially Pinterest, this unhappiness digs deep at a lot of us. It can be debilitating. It can be addicting.

So today, I propose another challenge. Analyze how you spend your day, and identify where you can cut out the unnecessary distractions. Don’t tell me that scrolling through Pinterest for hours and hours is how you relax. It’s causing you more stress! It’s destroying your productivity! It’s draining your energy! It’s making you unhappy.

I’ve recently been without internet at my apartment. So, instead of sleeping and eating the day away, I’ve been walking to the grocery store, talking to my family on the phone, and listening to audiobooks as I do dishes. I’ve been exercising more and my eyes feel a lot less tired from staring at screens all day. The internet is a wonderful tool, but it’s a black hole of time-wasting and an avalanche of self-esteem lowering images and ideas.

Make it a personal goal to avoid unnecessary time online, and when you do, consider sharing more of what you do well rather than just focusing on what others are doing or what they own that you cannot. I’m going to follow this post up with detailed entries about various social networks and how you can start utilizing them efficiently and positively, because I’ve been through an addiction to each one–and none of them are healthy.

Do you use the internet as a tool to further your productivity, or do you lose hours a day while browsing?


2 thoughts on “The Cleanse: Reduce Your Digital Distractions

  1. Some good thoughts here – thanks.

    I’ve recently given up my iPhone because I felt I was spending far too much time looking at FB, Twitter, and Instagram. In just over two weeks I’m feeling a whole lot better about myself and its been surprising how little I’m missing…

    I for one am happy to be ‘disconnected’ at the moment.

    • Thanks for reading Jon! I am surprised as well at how much it costs to stay “connected.” I ultimately feel a lot more disconnected…kudos for getting rid of the iPhone! That’s a step I have yet to take, but I’ve uninstalled many of my apps and have noticed an increase in productivity and happiness 🙂

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