The Cleanse: Mobile Games

So, I’m going to start off my tech cleanse series by highlighting mobile games. Let’s face it, we’re all attached to our phones. Unless you’re still using a flip phone (and really, kudos if you are), you likely have one or two games or applications that you’re hooked on. It’s easy to start up Angry Birds while you’re waiting in the doctor’s office, waiting for friends, waiting at a coffee shop, the list goes on.

It’s certainly fun, BUT what happens when the mobile game gets in the way of our work and our time with loved ones? I got into a rut playing a particularly addictive jewel-matching game as soon as I woke up and right before bed. I’d play it instead of sharing my day with my boyfriend and friends. In short, it poisoned my social life. It added no value to my life, and was a black hole for my free time.

I uninstalled most of the games on my phone. I only have 6 games nowadays, compared to 16 or so. I never played them all, I kept them around because I thought someday I’ll get back into this. I don’t allow myself to play those games at home or at work.

But what do I do with all my time?


I found it easier to replace gaming with another mobile activity, in order to ease the transition. I created a SoundGecko account and downloaded the app, and began listening to blogs that I had always wanted to read whenever I had a few minutes. The nice thing is that the length of each blog post is listed, so I can pick and choose various articles depending on how much time I have.

Now I’ve been catching up on blogs like Becoming Minimalist and Mr. Money Mustache, and loving every minute of it. What’s more, I can also do other things I’ve put off like doing dishes and putting the final touches on my latest crocheting project. Productivity at last!

Remove the trivial distractions. I challenge you to uninstall three of your mobile games today, and spend a whole week without touching the rest of them. You’ll find you have more free time than you think you do.


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