100 Less Challenge

I recently spoke with a friend about my frequent “100 Less” weekends. I’ve come to the point where I’m struggling to decide what to get rid of, and eventually I’d like to be at the point where if I eliminated 1 more item from my home, my quality of life would diminish. That’s my goal–nothing unnecessary, nothing distracting. Only the essentials.

I am so proud of my 42-item closet nowadays.

I am so proud of my 42-item closet nowadays.

My friend suggested that I offer this challenge up to others as well. With Memorial Day coming up, I challenge you to get rid of (trash or donate) 100 items. It’s a lot easier than you think–you may notice that getting rid of 100 things will not even make a dent in your amount of possessions. Some more extreme (yet totally cool) people actually live on 100 things or less.

I know that many people my age complain about being broke. However, this challenge should give you a chance to reflect on how wealthy you truly are. Look at every material possession you’ve been blessed with, earned for yourself, or been given by people who love you. Appreciate it, then send it off to someone new if you no longer use it.

And don’t buy any more.

You’ll uncover “stuff” from childhood and from high school that has no function other than taking up space in your life. Snap a picture of it if you’re sentimental, then send it off to Goodwill. I’m still chipping away at the unnecessary things in my life in order to declutter and regain some control over my possessions.

The Challenge

It’s easy enough. While you’re struggling to organize your home or apartment or dorm room this weekend, set out 2 bags. One for trash, and one for donation. Once you’ve eliminated 100 items, take a look around. Can you swing another 50? Another 100? I find that taking it 100 at a time is less overwhelming, but I do often continue if I’m on a roll.

Take the 100 Less Challenge and report to me how it went in the comments below. I’ll follow up next week. Happy decluttering!


3 thoughts on “100 Less Challenge

    • Thanks! It’s a difficult process at first, but giving myself a challenge always helps motivate. I’ve found it gets easier and easier the more unnecessary items you remove from your life.

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