Hang Out With People Who are Better Than You

Rustic Fall 18'' Grapevine Wreath With Vintage Fabric and Blue, Maroon, and Gold Flowers

One of Andrea’s gorgeous handmade wreaths

I have passionate, talented, intelligent and beautiful friends who I admire endlessly. And, yes, I’ll admit it: I can get jealous (can’t we all sometimes?) But I realized that rather than pine over the skills I lack, I need to revel in their talents and learn everything that I can from them.

That is why I’ve decided to approach it this way: hang out with people who are better than me at something, at anything. Learn what I can: new skills, new tips, or even just absorb as much of their passion as I can and throw it into something I know I’m good at.

If the person is smug about their talents, ditch them. Strive to only keep the ones who are willing teachers (and learners, when it’s your turn to teach). These are the talented and generous people you should surround yourself with.

For example, my dear friend Andrea. Ever since high school, we’ve enjoyed going out on photo-taking adventures. Here is how my photos usually turned out:

Let’s just say I ruled out becoming a photographer. I just didn’t have the knack for it. But  those adventures are some of my most cherished memories, and to this day if she were to ask if I wanted to go take pictures, I’d grab my camera and be there in a heartbeat. I find her passion and excitement for her talent to be incredibly inspiring. Now check out her photos:

Yellow Flowers, Bee, Insect, Resting, Summer, Dreamy, Nature, Photography, Home Decor, Outdoors

Moth, Insect, Flowers, Outdoors, Nature, Zoom, Fall, Orange, Brown, Home Decor, Photography
Water Lily, Pink, Flowers, Water Drops, Lily Pad, Nature, Macro, Home Decor, Photography, 8x10 Photograph
If you’d like to see more, wander over to her HandmadeBySweePea Etsy Shop. She makes stunning stamped cards and ultra-adorable wreaths for all seasons too.
Do you surround yourself with people you admire? What can they teach you?

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