The One-Hour Vacation

Do you have a spare hour today? Block it out. You’re going on vacation.

But how? Check this out: I’m writing this post while making waves with my feet in a dreamy blue pool. I’m wearing an absurdly happy summer dress and soaking up some sun in 70-something degree weather.

I am one block away from my apartment.

My morning at the pool

One of the best things we can do for ourselves as young, busy and indebted Millennials is to allow ourselves a free way to unwind. Get in that vacation mindset and try out one of the following:

  • Lounge by a pool
  • Go for a walk in your neighborhood
  • Read quietly at the library
  • If you’re feeling adventurous and have a whole day to spare, drive out to a state park and go hiking for the day. Bonus if you bring a picnic lunch and a friend

Avoid computers–they’re too distracting. Let your mind wander freely, but when it wanders towards to-do lists and work stresses, refocus it on things you wouldn’t normally notice. The smell of the air surrounding you. The sun or breeze on your arms. The silence of your phone.

I recently read this post on incorporating this vacation mindset into your everyday life, and can say I’m excited to try it. This will all get more difficult once winter sets in, but hopefully we’ll all have these positive habits ingrained well enough in our lives by then that they’ll be easy to maintain.


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