100 Less Challenge Wrap-Up

Last weekend, I challenged readers to get rid of 100 things. How did it go? I got rid of a boatload of junk (mostly clothes) and I haven’t missed one thing since. Unfortunately, I lost count. But I’m sure there’s at least 100 things in these bags…

Look how happy I am! I must have just had a ton of coffee.

Look how happy/insane I am! I must have just had a ton of coffee.

I still feel rather overloaded with clutter, but I’m seeing improvements. In fact, I’ve noticed an immense upswing in my enthusiasm for minimalism. I’ve realized there is not an end to this–the goal of this lifestyle change is to enjoy the process and the “small wins” that add up along the way.

Through the process of eliminating clutter a little bit at a time, I focus on what is essential to my life. Do I need this weird jacket? Do I need these shoes that are cute but hardly fit? (I bet you probably have a pair just like that).

I’ve found that I don’t miss the several hundred items I’ve eliminated in the past year. In fact, I feel more satisfied with my lifestyle than I did one year ago. Awareness is everything—are you truly grateful for every little thing you have? Or is there too much to even inventory?

Don’t drown in possessions. Keep just what you need to stay afloat, and you’ll feel lighter and lighter every day.

How did you do with this challenge?


5 thoughts on “100 Less Challenge Wrap-Up

  1. Love the pic em! My mom and I packed up a truck full – 6 garbage bags, 3 tables, an old Christmas tree, a chair and some other odds and ends including shoes and nail polish (Apparently I am a hoarder) I personally hit my 100 things goal, and I think my parents added another 50! I feel lighter and don’t miss a thing!

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