Practicing Gratitude Even When Times are Tough

The difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is how you use them. -Unknown

To all of my friends, coworkers, acquaintances who are going through a rough time: it does, undoubtedly, get better. Although it seems counter-intuitive, now more than ever you should seek to be grateful for something.

Be grateful for your loved ones, your pets, your health, whatever it takes–and you’ll make it through. I think that focusing on moving forward is the best thing you can possibly do. Don’t dwell. I had a massive reality check a couple of months ago:

Rory and Niels

Rorschach and Niels (the black bunny), who is now almost 100% recovered

I was sitting in the waiting room at the vet, preparing to hear the news about Niels, my little mini lop bunny. He’d been having trouble walking for a few weeks, and a few hours after I dropped him off at the vet, they called and gave me a quick update: my sweet, precious, fluffy, beautiful boy had a broken back. I was devastated, and unprepared to say goodbye.

As I waited to see him, a woman came in to drop off her dogs to be boarded for the week. She explained to the receptionist (who knew her and her dogs well) that she was in a hurry to catch a plane. The woman said a tearful goodbye to her dogs, who clearly meant the world to her. She turned to the receptionist and said:

“I have to go to Florida to say goodbye to my dad. We’re taking him off life support this weekend. He’s dying.”

I was crushed. Here I was worried about a small rabbit. I begin to think about how irreplaceable my father is. I took a few deep breaths and told my boyfriend, it could be worse. My human family is alive and well.

When times are tough, it may be hard to focus on the positives. But find one thing, anything that will help you keep your head held high.

*As a note, Niels was prescribed rest since his spinal cord was not harmed. Now, a little over two months later, he is hopping and playing almost at his normal capacity. I couldn’t be more proud of my little miracle bunny.


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