You’re Not Saving Money, You’re Making It

I’ve been very interested in the concept of financial independence lately, and I’m infatuated with Mr. Money Mustache’s blog. He and his wife retired around the age of 30 and proceeded to have their first child. I think it’s important to be reasonable about my own situation and know that I’ll unlikely be that fortunate (he had no college debt, and scored some high-paying engineering jobs), but his story and insights are very inspiring. I’m hoping to retire (or be “financially independent”) well before the traditional retirement age.

One of the most interesting concepts I’ve picked up as I’ve read this blog is to start valuing my time differently. I’ve started looking at everything as a transaction. If I walk to the store instead of driving, I’m actually making money rather than spending it. If I drive to work, I’ve estimated my cost at about $1-2 a day. If I ride my bike, I consider that money made (rather than saying saved, which has a different connotation).

This is how I view it: money made can then be invested, but money saved can then be spent. For me, the words I use are essential in shaping how I think.

I believe that once we start valuing our time differently and redefining how we make/spend/save money, we’ll enjoy seeking out profitable alternatives. By avoiding costs, we’re actually increasing our take-home pay and our net worth. AND not to mention all the health benefits of riding bikes and walking instead of driving around in ridiculous “clown cars” as MMM likes to call them.

Just a little tidbit on how changing how you think about something can change how you act. 

Happy Tuesday!


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