Let’s Plan a Minimal Wedding!

As you know by now, I’m starting to plan a wedding. And with that, there comes certain expectations. For example, I not only have to rent a hall (which is going to be finalized this week hopefully), but now I’ll have to consider renting dishes, glasses, tablecloths, and cutlery. That’s right. I’ve already scouted out prices on renting cloth napkins.

All of this seems a little ridiculous to me, so my fiance and I are focusing on identifying everything we want, and more importantly don’t want on our wedding day. For example, we want color, but we don’t want cost, so we’re going to be making all of our flowers out of tissue paper:

Paper Wedding Flowers

We want our closest friends and family to be there to give witness to the promise we’ve already made to each other: that we’re sticking it out, through good times and bad, until death do us part. We want to get married, and then we want to party. Maybe we’ll snap some photos in between those two main events, but those are less essential than marrying and partying.

So, as I progress through planning, I’ll be focusing on the essentials. I’ll cut up my own fabric to make napkins (seriously, 55 cents to rent a cloth napkin for a day?) and I’ll spend time with my fiance discussing our future.

For me, planning a minimal wedding means focusing on what the day means and not the circumference of tablecloths and the freshness of the bouquets. A minimal wedding means focusing most of my energy on the person I’ve chosen to spend the rest of my life with.

Trilliant Cut Engagement Ring

What were/are/will be your wedding essentials?


2 thoughts on “Let’s Plan a Minimal Wedding!

  1. Goodluck with the minimalist wedding! Im also getting married, next month, and have sadly been suckered into a lot more stuff then I initially thought. In fact Ive been embracing more minimalist tendencies the last couple of months probably as a reaction to all the wedding stuff. Its such an aggressive industry! Glad I stuck to a few things though, ie Ive also made all my own flowers, bunting etc and mostly out of paper as recyclable and cheap. I asked friends to start collecting glass jars as well and will put them on table with just candles so saving there as well. Ill keep an eye on the blog to see how you get on!

    • Thank you, Maya! Best wishes for your final weeks of wedding preparation, and congrats! I totally agree about it being an aggressive industry, I never knew how much more expensive something could be by just adding the word “bridal” to it. I’ve been considering asking friends to save glass jars too! (I myself can’t get rid of glass jars to save my life, so I already have quite a few).

      Thanks for reading!

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