Reorganizing vs. Eliminating

After the chaos of the last few weeks, I finally had time this weekend to clean house. My “donate” bag was notably smaller than it’s been in the past, and I finally feel like I’m getting closer to only owning the essentials.

But there was still an overload of stuff. My fiancé recently moved in and doubled the amount of stuff we have in the apartment, so this weekend I took the time to cleverly reorganize. But how should you balance reorganizing and eliminating? What’s the point in setting aside time to do each separately?


This should be done first. Eliminate waste, old possessions, things that no longer bring you joy, or that the cost of owning far outweighs the benefit. Mentally block off spaces in your home and take them one at a time, removing anything that isn’t useful or beautiful.

This process requires you to identify your own why. Are you getting rid of things because of a move? Because you’re feeling overwhelmed? Because you have memories you no longer wish to carry with you? For me, I felt that my possessions were weighing me down unnecessarily and I decided to make a change. This process also comes with a need to identify next steps: are you going to continue purchasing new things, or are you going to move forward with only what you have?

Having a reason and outlining next steps will help make the process easier.


This should be done after you’ve been through at least one round of elimination. Imagine eliminating possessions as a warm shower, and reorganizing is the process of drying your hair, picking out an outfit and getting all dolled up. Reorganizing possessions is an excellent way to catalog what you still own and give everything a home.

Reorganizing physical things actually helps my mind put everything in its place as well: I find it easier to schedule time to relax, cook dinner, pay bills, etc. It’s a way to reduce the distraction and train yourself to give everything, even thoughts and emotions, it’s proper space and time.

The Not-So-Vicious Circle

Once you do these things once, schedule out time in the following week to do it again. You may find yourself spending less time deciding which items to eliminate and which to just reorganize, and you’ll notice that it gets easier and easier to give your possessions away. Let the circle continue: someday, you may find yourself with nothing left but the essentials. Wouldn’t that be nice?


2 thoughts on “Reorganizing vs. Eliminating

    • Wouldn’t that be ideal?! Every day I find things that I own that I really don’t need to…it blows my mind to know that I’ve been working on reducing my possessions for almost a year now, and I’m still finding things to get rid of! Thanks for reading, and best of luck!!

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