The Story of Stuff – Recommended Video

I recently discovered Anne Leonard’s “Story of Stuff” project, and I’m hooked. Now, it’s been available since 2007, but it’s perfectly relevant to me at this time in my life (17-year old Emily would’ve only been marginally interested in this video).

Our rate of consumption is getting increasingly out of hand, and it’s not enough to simply sit by and watch videos. Agreeing with ideas is not the same as following through with these theories. Stuff is destroying our earth, health, wealth and sanity. Why do we love it? What can we do to break this addiction?

I ask this the day I purchased a new iPhone case and drank coffee with creamer from a plastic bottle. I’m often at a loss when faced with this question. It’s as if we don’t have a choice about this cycle – how can we opt out? Something to think about tonight; I’d love to know your thoughts!


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