Can “Wants” Be the Key to What We Need?

I want cheese. I want cheese. I want cheese.

^ That is not an uncommon thought for me. However, it might not be that simple. Often, food cravings are an indicator of what dietary essentials we are lacking (I better keep up on my flax and kale intake).

But seriously. What if this applied to the rest of our lives?

Necessities and Wants Quote

I Want More

I had too much stuff. I wanted more storage to save my sanity. I used to house all of my belongings in an11’x17′ room with an adjoining bathroom, all to myself. I also had space in the shared living room, dining room, and kitchen for the rest of my things. My life was constantly cluttered, I was constantly exhausted (the solution? More coffee), and I felt like I didn’t have time for the people I loved most.

I wanted more. More time, more space for my things, more hands and more brains to work on more projects. What did I need? Less, of course.

In that case, my wants were telling me that something was wrong, but I didn’t listen to them. I turned them into fake needs and gave into them rather than taking a look at the larger picture of what was going on – I was on the verge of falling apart. I, as most of us do, decided to fill my life by adding more to it.

Listen, and Listen Good: Your Wants are Calling Out

Here’s a novel idea: instead of ignoring wants and denying them entirely, as I feel would be assumed in the minimalist lifestyle, pay strong attention to them. Allow wants to have a place in your day.

Do you want chocolate? Maybe you’re having a rough day and you need to acknowledge that and make time for yourself to relax. Do you want a new car, a new game, a new haircut? Maybe you’re just needing something to break the routine.

Wants and Needs aren’t just Financial Considerations

While I was browsing the internet for some other opinions on this idea, I realized that most of this comes down to those who are on a budget and need to strictly identify the line between wants and needs. I think that’s an incredible aspiration, and I am striving for it in my financial life as well. But this isn’t all about money. It’s about listening to yourself, developing self discipline, and identifying goals more clearly.

What do you want?


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