No Glut November

Last night I went to a beautiful wedding and saw some of my very best friends from high school. We danced and had the most amazing time, and I got through the whole afternoon and evening on three drinks. As opposed to the previous weekend’s bachelorette party where I had…more than three drinks.

I’m trying, this November, to cut out excessive and unnecessary drinking (it all really is unneccessary, isn’t it?) What that means is when I go out, I can’t drink to the point where I can’t drive, and especially can’t drink to the point where I regret it the next day. I hate the cloudy feeling I have the day after I even have just ever so slightly too much. Last night was an encouraging start to this month of moderation!

I managed to keep the drinking to a minimum by dancing without a cup in my hand (it was more fun and less mess, too), and I was sure to stick with water and an absurd amount of grapes for the last couple of hours of the reception. My friends appreciated the ride home and the bride seemed grateful to not have to deal with us being too much more rambunctious than we usually are when we’re sober. Kudos to her and her groom as well, who didn’t have a drop of alcohol to drink!

Basically, what I’m trying to do this month is to experiment with moderation in drinking. My goal is to find the perfect balance, to save a little money, and to improve my Sunday mornings (I’m not always hungover, but when I am, I tend to mope around feeling that I’m draining years from my life).

Millennials who are just out of college, like me, are probably in the same boat – at what point do you start cutting back? I don’t want to cut it out all together but it’s something that’s weighed heavily on my mind recently.

I find myself more creative after a cup of coffee or tea than I do after a glass of wine or beer. What is your favorite? Is there something you can work to improve this November? What could you give up or cut back on?

Happy November all, and congrats and the happiest of happy wishes to my beautiful friend and her new husband!


4 thoughts on “No Glut November

  1. Good for you for cutting back on alcohol! You will probably save a lot more money than you realize. I am trying to cut back on desserts this November. I’m trying to have a square of chocolate at night rather than a bowl of ice cream or slice of cake.

    • It’s been a challenge so far, but I’ve already found that it’s a satisfying endeavor! Now desserts are another story for me… I just made pumpkin spice + chocolate chip scones and no one is helping me eat them so it’s been a long weekend filled with a LOT of scones!

  2. This is something that I have also recently begun to evaluate. I am two years removed from college and am to the point where it’s time to start cutting back on the weekends. Nice article, and very encouraging!

    • Thanks for reading John! I agree, and so far it’s been a satisfying challenge for me – I still have tons of fun, but I don’t sacrifice my wellness the next day 🙂 Good luck!!

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