Talking Points

Great Minds - Eleanor Roosevelt

Talking about people is often a waste of energy. It’s nothing more than a filler to seal the gaps between points of true connection.

One of the main tenets of the journey towards a simpler life is to only welcome things, people, and conversations into your life that add value. I know how often I’m full of hot air, and I know that I let frustrations and negative interactions guide my speech. Now, it’s time to stop and listen – does this rant have anything to offer anyone? Or does it actually do more harm than good?

Plus, we can focus in on what really matters in conversations – sharing ideas with close companions and hearing theirs, too.  Broadening conversations to include dissenting opinions and intelligent agreements will only help our creativity to gain momentum.

Expand yourself. Focus your brainpower on the orphaned concepts that are rattling around in your mind – give them a home, complete them, fulfill them. Don’t focus on irrelevant choices of others or insignificant bumps in the road.

Talk less, listen more, and you’ll start having more to actually say.


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