One Pair of Boots

All winter, I’ve been dreaming of a pair of sturdy, multi-purpose leather combat boots. I want to replace a couple of pairs of shoes with just this one pair of boots, so this has been a decision I’ve not taken lightly.

Last month, I  took the leap and purchased an inexpensive pair of faux-leather boots from Amazon – not exactly what I had originally intended but the price tag (of about $25) seduced me into buying.


They arrived one month ago yesterday, and I haven’t worn any other shoes since (other than running shoes). These boots have already made it through a rough month of work and play and I’m thrilled with how the experiment is progressing.

I wear them with both dresses and jeans, and since my office isn’t ultra-formal, they’ve been fitting in just fine. My feet are warmer and drier than they ever have been (I’ve spent the last year and a half wearing cute – but flimsy – fabric floral boots. I walked holes through the soles of two pairs.)

I think it’s about time for me to revisit my shoe “collection” and take out some of the pairs that these little workhorses will be replacing.

I know this has been a simple, single-track post, but I wanted to give you a glimpse into what I’ve been trying to simplify these past few weeks! What is your main “simplicity focus” at the moment?




3 thoughts on “One Pair of Boots

    • I did a lot of looking at Doc Martens! I couldn’t find a pair that I loved, but they’re still on my radar. I know they’d be of a much higher quality than my current ones!

      • Now you have the opportunity to take your time and find the right pair at the right price. Remember sometimes we buy the cheap items and sometimes we but the expensive item for a long life and years of use

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