Settling in and starting back up

The thank you notes have been sent, the work has been caught up. The flowers are all put away, and the wedding photos are in. The final checks have been cashed. The wedding is over.

I am tired. I am grateful. I am married.

Flowers and a bowl

I am also sad that it’s been this long since I’ve posted! I may recap the wedding on a later day, but for now I thought I’d take a chance to reflect on what’s been changing in my life this past month.

A bit before, but especially after the wedding I started to realize that my husband is now my priority. Jobs come and go, apartments and bills get taken care of one way or another…but the one thing that needs to be at the top of my list is so easily pushed to third or fourth.

I’ve begun to think deeply about this, and what it means for my life. It means a lot! It means that we work together as a team – support each other when we’re down, encourage the other to go above and beyond to live the life that they dreamed. It means sacrifices and challenges, but it also opens up some great opportunities.

While focusing in on this need for selflessness, I’ve had to become more selfish than ever. A well rested, fed and healthy Emily makes for a happy Emily – which helps bring peace in times of stress (which, ironically is what causes the lack of rest, proper food and care). When I put both myself and my new husband second to anything else in my life, things seem to fall to pieces.

What realizations did you all come to in the beginnings of a marriage or a relationship? Or what have you found in the beginnings of new journeys you’ve experienced?


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