The Car Purchase Dilemma

It’s about that time of life when, you know, a man and a woman fall in love and get married and then suddenly….it’s time to get a car!

Or so they think.

My husband and I decided that in order to move west, we’re going to need something more than just a little old Honda Civic, and so I’ve been researching Toyota Highlanders and Honda CR-Vs like it’s my new job. I’ve fretted more than once about the cost vs. quality aspect and realized that if we wanted to get a suitable vehicle, we’d have to shell out a pretty penny.

But with a big move coming up (including deposits and superhigh rent) and our student loans stalking in the shadows, I got scared. Really scared. 

Can we afford a newer vehicle? Is it a good choice to get something so pricey at this pivotal moment in our lives? Why should I willingly sacrifice my freedom for another big chunk of debt?

The Verdict

Well, finally I realized that the bad feeling in my gut had to mean something. So we took this dilemma to a third party – my mother.

After talking it through, she cheerfully threw an idea on to the table: “What about shipping?”

We’re getting rid of all of our furniture and large belongings, so why couldn’t we just pack up the Civic with what fit and ship the rest as needed? It was a groundbreaking idea. Cheaper than a new car or a U-Haul.

So, the verdict: we’re getting rid of most of our things, packing up our necessities in the Civic (including Rorschach the bunny) and driving out west. My parents will ship things as needed and store the few things that we don’t end up needing.

I felt a giant weight lift off of my shoulders and am completely thrilled with this decision. Going against what may be considered “normal” (like having two cars or purchasing a newer one) isn’t always easy, but it can be rewarding.

I just wanted to share that story with you all because I think it speaks strongly to following your gut instincts – if a purchase doesn’t feel right, or screams UNNECCESSARY to you, then you should probably listen. Same goes for nearly everything else, the trick is just training your gut.

And that’s not always easy.

Happy Saturday!


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