The Moving Strategy

So I officially started packing some things up a few days ago, and we gave our move-out notice to the leasing office yesterday. Hello, stomach butterflies.

But I’m excited! For as much as I’ve been getting rid of in the past year, we’re still not out of the woods when it comes to dropping everything and moving across the country. The bulk of our strategy revolves around our furniture, but there’s definitely still some random trinkets that have accumulated in this apartment that I’m not sure how to deal with.

Hence, The Moving Strategy. My husband and I sat down this week and decided how we were going to approach everything. It’s a lot like what I’ve been doing, only this time there’s a few more things to keep in mind once we decide whether to keep things or leave them behind.

There are six fates for each possession

I imagine that if our stuff was cognizant and could grasp what was going on, this might terrify and thrill them – one of six things could happen to them. Would it be the great honor of coming with us in our car? Or would it meet the terrible fate of heading out the door as trash?

Minimal MoveYou’ll notice something that hasn’t come up before (and in fact, seems a bit contradictory to the whole “minimal” thing), and that’s storing things. It sounds bad, but we’re most certainly not going the route of self-storage units, and absolutely only storing a few key things that we’ll use to furnish our home if we someday return to the midwest. 

Let me digress for a moment on the topic of self-storage. Did you know there’s enough covered storage space in the US for every man, woman and child in the country to stand? So, while we have issues with homelessness and poverty, some people have so much that they need extra space to keep it. There are legitimate reasons for self-storage, but can those legitimate reasons make sense of the 2.3 billion square feet of storage that’s now available to our country? (I’m finding this info here if your curious to see more numbers).

My apologies. Let’s dig in to each option (and I’ll explain the storage one). First, my husband and I will decide whether to keep something or leave it, then we’ll have one of three options.

If we’re keeping it

We can bring it

If it fits and is super necessary to our travels, it gets to come with us in our car. This could get dicey, since we drive a small Honda Civic and are also bringing our sweet rabbit. He takes up a nice chunk of space, but is a non-negotiable when it comes to what stays.

We can ship it

If there is such a thing as a master shipper, my dad is that thing. He is a wizard when it comes to packaging and shipping things to all corners of the country, and I’m incredibly lucky to have him on my team for this one – my husband and I will pack everything that we want to ship into boxes with labels, then my dad will ship them as we need them. Since we don’t want to deal with too many shipping costs, again this will be minimal. Hopefully we can do it in 6 boxes or under.

We can store it

Again, we’re fortunate to have some wonderful family support. My husband still has to figure out which of his four guitars will come with us (some will sell), but a couple of them are sentimental/family heirlooms so those will most certainly stay with us. But will they fit in the car? Maybe not. And we’re not shipping them, so storing with family it is! My parents also gifted us a lovely (and expensive) bedroom set that will be ours once again when we move back into the area to settle down. Since they have an unfurnished spare bedroom, everything, including our mattress, will stay with them.

If we’re leaving it

We can sell it

Here’s a big one that I can’t wait to do: we’re selling the TV. And the PS3 (don’t worry, hubs will be getting a PS4 sometime mid-2015 so he can play Batman). And the record player, the kitchen table, Rorschach’s giant dog cage (the rabbit lives in a cage meant for a German Shepherd). Bookshelves, random tables, you get the picture.

We can donate it

If selling doesn’t work, we’ll donate! I’m thinking of donating a couple of handmade blankets to a women’s care center. Books will be donated (not exactly sure where yet) and fragile glassware will be handed over to family who’d enjoy it more than we would. We’ll try to donate to good causes, but in the end if there’s a time crunch, we may rely on good ol’ Goodwill to take things off our hands.

We can trash it

This last category is mostly for random papers, unusable bits of craft supplies, random trinkets that don’t even make sense…recycling first, yes, but that dumpster is sure to see a lot of our old randomness soon.

What we’re feeling

Since I’ve gotten a lot of awesome comments from people sharing their personal anecdotes, I feel like I can let you in on how we’re both feeling about this move. We’re friends, right?

Well it’s nothing too dramatic – we’re just excited to get things rolling! My husband officially has a job lined up, and has a less-official but much cooler job opportunity in the works too. I’m getting more into the swing of working from home and am planning on how I can be social once we get out to Los Angeles. All good, positive, happy things before the storm of actually moving and sorting through things hits.

Any Los Angeles-based readers want to meet up for coffee sometime? I’ll be there in January!


6 thoughts on “The Moving Strategy

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  2. What a fantastic post, as I am in the early days of planning a move across the country too. Great idea of defining the ‘six fates’.

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