My Interview with Laura and Mark from Enjoy Life Slowly

Recently, I had the pleasure of chatting with Laura and Mark from Enjoy Life Slowly. They’re working on building up a great collection of interviews and wanted to hear from me about my blog and my journey into minimalism!

They had great questions and it felt a lot like just chatting with a couple of old friends. Some things we talked about:

  • How I got started with simplifying
  • My thoughts on teaching children to simplify – starting from the very beginning
  • The relationship between minimalism and practicing habits
  • The big differences between my life in the Midwest and here in California

I won’t go into too much depth here, but I wanted to share this since I had so much fun talking with these two. It’s also my first ever audio interview with someone (in case you wanted to know what I sound like).

Or use this link if the embedded one doesn’t work.

I also highly recommend the other interviews they’ve done! Check out their interviews page and you’ll be sure to see some of your favorite simple living bloggers.

A note of thanks

I’d like to take a moment to thank Laura and Mark for their kindness and reaching out to make this happen.

I’d also like to thank everyone who’s commented, followed and shared – being part of the simple living community has restored my hope in internet strangers (there are some amazing people on the web) and in the possibilities of a more simple, intentional life.

If you ever want to chat or swap a few emails for help with your blog or with your simplifying journey, please feel free to contact me – I love hearing from you all.


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