Minimalism Can Be Colorful

One of the biggest misconceptions about minimalism is that it has to be dull. Monochrome houses, interiors and wardrobes are the images that come to mind.

I actually had a hard time when I decided to become a minimalist because of that very thought. I love color.

But since we started back at square one when we moved to LA, I wanted to keep my apartment simple and colorful.

Simple Colorful Living - Minimalism can be colorful!

A colorful home

We made our apartment colorful by adding yellow curtains, tons of multicolor rugs (the rabbits need them for playtime) and actually painting a wall.

Painting was a big step for me because it helped me feel a greater sense of permanence and ownership.

We keep our home colorful by adding in fresh flowers. I especially love them beside my desk because I can enjoy them while I’m working.

Fresh flowers at home

Don’t be intimidated by those black and white interiors that you always see, and don’t let that stop you from simplifying. It’s okay to have some brightness in your life!

As I always say, if it brings you joy, then it belongs.

I guess that’s why none of my rugs or curtains really match each other. If I need something and it happens to come in a color I like, I ditch the notion that everything has to match and get the color that brings me most joy.

A colorful wardrobe

As I’ve pared down, I have found that I do tend to stick to neutrals more than I used to.

But I think that’s because the colorful stuff I had before was all just junk that caught my eye at the store. It was flashy, but in the cheapest way.

I’ve started to see more of my favorite colors come to play in my wardrobe – there’s nothing quite like the happiness that wearing pink brings me.

Clothes drawer

All of my shirts, pants, shorts and skirts fit into one drawer these days.

Patterns? Yes please. I love tiny floral prints and stripes because they can be paired with other things easily. I don’t like a lot of effort when it comes to choosing what to wear, so I appreciate the versatility of my patterns.

My minimalism and making it yours

My minimalism is bright but essential and simple but colorful. I’m working on implementing that concept even past the physical possessions: simple, colorful happiness and bright, essential conversations and relationships.

Your minimalism could look more or less colorful than mine, you could own more or less than I do. The point of minimalism is not to reach a destination – it’s about the intention that rides along with you on the journey. Seek a simpler life and keep/purchase only what truly adds joy to your life.

Cheers to a bright Sunday!


18 thoughts on “Minimalism Can Be Colorful

  1. Thanks for sharing!! I can relate. I do a lot of layering in my little wardrobe to take it from summer to winter, and I’ve had this struggle too. I have a lot of neutral tops that I layer with colorful sweaters, so I still get that pop of color!

  2. I always hated pictures of minimalist wardrobes where everything is black, white, and gray. When I first came to grad school, before I moved into an apartment, the only decor in my dorm room was a patterned bedspread, a pink/orange/red fleece blanket, and this super colorful rug made from cloth scraps from a store in the East Village. Having those pops of color made my place feel so much more like home.

    • Right!? It just doesn’t feel like “me” so I was happy when I decided to keep it colorful 🙂 Colors really make my day & my home happier. Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes!! I had quite the complex about getting my minimalism to look like others’ minimalism at first, but that’s the beauty of simple living – it’s whatever you make of it!

  3. I hear ya – I love colour, too! That said, I have to admit to a lot of black, grays and browns in my wardrobe – they form the base for adding all my coloured stuff.

    • Yay! I have found a lot more blacks, whites and greys (I didn’t even know I liked grey) in my wardrobe lately, but like you said, they’re great bases. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Yay! I love color and as a minimalist (and former fashion addict), I absolutely LOVE color and still have a stunning wardrobe. I’m always disheartened to see the bland palettes of many of the minimalist wardrobes on the web because you absolutely can wear a ton of color and minimalist wardrobe. My rough formula for my wardrobe is about a third neutral pieces, a third neutral patterns (think navy stripes, black/white polka dots, monochrome lace, etc.) and a third colorful pattern. This gives me versatility and allows me to play with color. There are other strategies that one can use to get the same mix and match capabilities of a mostly neutral wardrobe such as choosing neutral bottoms, relying on accessories, or choosing a color palette that has shades of the same intensity, etc. It can be done!

  5. I don’t own much, but the things I do tend to be bright, colorful, and full of joy and whimsy. Where do people get the idea means that you can only own 5 shirts and they all have to be bleak colors?

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  7. Hi Emily! I’m a colorful minimalist as well! 🙂 I’ve thought about blogging about this too. While I love the clean look of the monochrome, its just not me. As for my wardrobe, I did pick a base color (navy) and have some colorful items to go with, but I’ve also noticed more of my clothes are neutral now which leaves me to give pops of color with some colorful jewelry. Thanks for the fun read!

  8. “If I need something and it happens to come in a color I like, I ditch the notion that everything has to match and get the color that brings me most joy.” YES YES YES.

    I have a pair of hot pink sneakers that don’t match a lot of my clothes…but I can’t bear to let them go because I just love looking at them! While I can’t quite reconcile wearing them all the time anyway, no matter my outfit, you BET I wear them for a quick run to the mailbox, or errand run, or if I’m out where no one I know will be!

    • Love it!! I used to have a pair like that too, but they fell apart. I just think that if you are going to purchase something, there’s no reason to get something you don’t like as much!

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