A Minimalist Apartment Tour

Happy Friday!

I want to kick off this glorious, autumn-in-LA morning with a tour of my home. We’ve lived in Los Angeles for ten months and have slowly added things back into our life based on our needs and our values.

We are a far cry from where we were in Indianapolis a year ago, drowning in stuff we didn’t need and didn’t love.

But first, I want to share my best tip for avoiding new purchases for your home.

How to not buy new home decor

I often catch myself saying things like “what if we got just one more chair…” but I know that’s not something that will truly bring me happiness. I’m guessing that you’ve said something like that too.

The other day, I actually considered getting a bar cart for a random corner of the apartment. Sure, it sounds cool, but it’s one more thing to wipe rabbit hair off of. And I doubt that prominently displaying our liquor will help with us in our efforts to trim back on the booze.

So what do I do when I’m sick of the way things are and want to add in a new piece? Hint: it’s not new throw pillows.

I rearrange the furniture.

When the room no longer feels “right” to me, I move things around. I have relocated our furniture no less than five times in ten months. This last switch actually has hit the right chord for me and made me never want to move out of this apartment. I love this space more than ever, all thanks to some heavy lifting.

So there you have it: to change the entire look and feel of a room without spending a dime, rearrange the furniture.

Our minimalist apartment tour

Remember how I said minimalism can be colorful? My minimalism is definitely not for the monochromatic crowd, so prepare yourself accordingly.

First, the main space where we eat, work and relax:

Apartment Tour - Living Room Apartment Tour - Table Apartment Tour - Desk

We’ve covered the whole space in giant rugs so that our rabbits can frolic freely, which I love because it brings so much color to the room.

Next, the bedroom and bathroom:

Apartment Tour - Bedroom Apartment Tour - Bathroom

Again, colorful and bright – I can’t get over how many windows are in this place. What sold me on our apartment in Indianapolis was that it had three windows, compared to most other places having only two. This apartment has five huge windows that keeps things so cheerful that I can’t help but smile.

And finally, our kitchen:

Apartment Tour - KitchenApartment Tour - SpicesI decided to bring all the spices and many dry ingredients out of (and off of) the cupboards because I want them to be easily accessible and I want to be aware of what I have on hand at all times.

Personal tidbits

To finish this post off, I want to share a couple spaces that make our apartment really ours. Especially since it’s basically an IKEA showroom.

As silly as they look, these odds and ends are meaningful to us:

Apartment Tour - Toys Apartment Tour - Nightstand

I just wanted to show that you can dedicate space in your home to collections of things that truly bring you joy. Minimalism isn’t about getting rid of meaningful collections – it’s about getting rid of meaningless excess.

And of course, I want to wrap this up by saying this: these photos were taken when our apartment was freshly cleaned. I cropped out the dirty laundry and kept the rabbits’ litterboxes out of sight. I tend to compare my reality with what I see on blogs, so just know this: six out of seven days a week, my apartment is not nearly this clean.

I love all the colors in my home. What part of your home do you love the most?


22 thoughts on “A Minimalist Apartment Tour

  1. What a great apartment! So nice to see what real-life minimalism looks. The best part of my place is an armchair where I sit and read or write or study – just being in that chair reminds me how lucky I am and how I don’t need all the things I used to think I desperately needed to be happy.

  2. I really love your apartment! It has a lot of character and a much more human feel than the monochrome we see everywhere.. I also have a very bright and colourful house, but not nearly as tidy as yours 😉 What a sweet little rabbit!

    • Hah! I’m sure the cat loves it though 🙂 I absolutely love the idea of having something like that, but I also know I would not use it as much as I would really like for it to be worth it.

  3. I’ve fallen pray to the ‘wine cart’ in the form of oversized toys for my daughter in my living room. I’ve slowly been letting things go though- today I sold her play kitchen and she didn’t even notice it was gone!

    • Thanks Meryl! Hahah, I love it. I’m actually curious about what our home will look like if we someday have children. Also, I *love* bright rooms, that’s something that just can’t be beat. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Angela! Haha I really felt like I needed to say that, because I always appreciate knowing that there’s a messy side to every beautiful interior photo 🙂

      Good natural light is just the best, isn’t it!? Thanks for sharing!

  4. You have a lovely place where I can feel the warmth even virtually! My bedroom furniture is organised like yours too! I also have the Malm chest of drawers next to my bed on the right and and one malm beside to the left. My favourite part of my home is the living room. I am in a small apartment, but because the living and dining area is open plan, i was able to create a space where there is a lot of free circulation areas and not so cluttered. I also love it because it faces the balcony and has a lot of direct sunlight coming through. My home’s colour scheme is white which I have always loved 🙂

    • Thanks Annie! I love open spaces in apartments and have tried really hard to keep a good flow to our space. I bet it’s so lovely with all the brightness and the white color scheme! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  5. Hi Emily
    I love reading your posts. You are very refreshing.
    And seeing your apartment shows me that you are serious about minimalism, because too often I see people doing videos about their minimal apartment and see that they have still too too much clutter. Thanks for sharing. My husband and I are living I a very tiny apartment and have decided to get rid of a dining table, to prefer to have a very comfortable couch. We are having a lot of friends coming to eat regularly, even without big table and chairs. We bought small tables in Ikea that we use when we are eating. Less furnitures, less to clean. Thanks again 😀

    • Thanks Fabienne! That sounds lovely – it really is great to be able to share your space with friends, and it doesn’t matter what furniture you have. Thanks for commenting!

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