The Cleanse: Instagram


Last year, I decided to drop Instagram. The terms of service had just changed, and it was just the push I needed to say goodbye to the only remotely acceptable place to post my pictures of rabbits and cups of coffee. But, greater than any terms of service issue or lack of interesting things to take photos of, I realized it was a time and happiness sink.

The immaculate people, places, and things of Instagram were getting me down. It’s the digital equivalent of seeing through rose-colored glasses. Much like with Pinterest, I was being overwhelmed with images that were skewed from reality.

My solution for this issue? Simple. Deactivate your account. Switch to Twitter if you desperately need to share a photo, but when the need to feel “artsy” is removed from your photo sharing, you’ll notice yourself forgetting all about the app.

I’m no longer searching for exciting and beautiful things to snap photos of to share–if I come across something beautiful, I pause and appreciate it. Take some time–in real life–to appreciate the moment and notice the tiny details that even Instagram can’t capture.

Perhaps this is one step closer to being smart phone free?